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T Shirts That Were Popular In The 1980s – The Best 80s Tees

1980s t-shirt

The 80’s was a pretty epic decade for a number of reasons. Pop culture was at an all time high, with movies, music and fashion taking a front seat.

It’s a decade that everyone will remember, and when it comes to the t-shirt history timeline, it’s a big one.

Here’s what t-shirts were popular in the 1980s.

Statement And Slogan T Shirts

1980s t-shirt

When it comes to making a statement, it was the 80’s that will be remembered for bringing this to the masses.

Before we had messages about protests and unrest, but the 80’s began what was to become a real boom for slogan t-shirts.

Band And Music T-Shirts

1980s t-shirt

When it comes to band merch, the 80’s is where this really ramped up. The 60’s and 70’s t shirts were when bands started using tees to promote, but the 80’s is where this really matured into a commercial enterprise.

Band and music shirts were sold at gigs, concerts and even before. Fans of music would go to the gig wearing their band’s t-shirts, and even if you didn’t go, you could always wear a tee.

Neon And Bright Colours

1980s t-shirt

When it comes to colours, the whole of the 80’s decade can be summed up by one word: neon. Neon colours dominated the 80’s in both pop culture and fashion.

From this t-shirts got the neon treatment too. If you didn’t own a neon colours tee you certainly owned one with neon print. Black t-shirts with neon pink and electric blue were the order of the day, which was inspired from music and culture.

Pop Culture Influence

1980s t-shirt

The neon colour made it’s way into the music and pop culture of the day, rave and dance music culture began.

It was a decade of really big films, with the likes of RobocopBack To The Future and Ghostbusters being huge hits.

With that come the t-shirts, and people walking around with t-shirts from their favourite films on to show their love.

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